MeatCrisp Adult Chicken 3 kg

6.700 kr. (með vsk)

MeatCrisp is the first wholesome cat food from a Freshmeatdryer. It contains fresh meat’s natural micronutrients and amino acids, making MeatCrisp a better substitute for a cat’s natural prey than most commercial cat foods. If you feed your cat MeatCrisp, it will feel more stable and relaxed and thus happier. The crispy bite and meaty taste of MeatCrisp make it so delicious that your cat won’t want to eat anything else. MeatCrisp does not contain any attractants.

The advantages of MeatCrisp from the Freshmeatdryer at a glance:

  • 83 % fresh meat (no meat meal or animal meal)
  • natural ingredients
  • without attractants
  • without cereals containing gluten
  • nutritious and easy to digest
  • taurine optimised